Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ride Inside: Keep those Tires Spinning in Winter

While we all know how much fun cycling outside can be, we also know that with the reality of winter knocking at our doors, outdoor cycling is soon coming to an end for another year. There are many indoor cycling options available so that you can keep riding until spring!

Indoor Cycling Class/Spinning
Most local gyms have spinning classes which offer a fun & low-impact work-out.
Check out the schedule at your local club to see when they are taking place!
• Make sure to get there early so that you can adjust the bike to fit you.
• Many spin bikes have 2-sided pedals, so you can wear gym shoes or your cycling shoes.
• Even though spinning is a group class, you control the tension on your bike and can tailor it to your athletic ability.
• Spin classes are fun! The energy is contagious!

Indoor Cycling Trainers
Assuming you already have a bike, you may want to consider an indoor cycling trainer.
• Indoor cycling trainers are easy to use and take up little room. You just attach your back wheel and go!
• There are 2 types of trainers:
Rim Trainers offer resistance by touching the side of your rim, not tire.
Tire Trainers attach directly to your wheel and create resistance that way.
• There are many companies that make indoor bike trainers available at many bike shops, sporting good stores and online. Research ‘Cycling Trainers’ to find out what brands are out there.
• Try a cycling video to enhance your workout. Look online or at your local bike shops for videos.

Indoor Cycles & Stationary Bikes
There are many stationary bike options out there! Visit a fitness shop near you to try them out! Here are some things to consider before you go:
• Budget: similar to ‘outdoor’ bikes, you can spend very little or a lot depending on the bells and whistles you want.
• Features: make sure to decide what features you need like clipless pedals, built-in programs, onboard TV monitors etc.
• Test ride a variety of cycles at your local sporting goods store, before making your purchase.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Educate Yourself on the H1N1 Virus

In response to growing concerns surrounding the H1N1 flu virus, important information on how to protect yourself, and your family, from the virus has been posted to the MS Society website. Find out key H1N1 concerns, read through a series of questions and answers specific to people living with MS and their families, and learn techniques to protect yourself from exposure to the H1N1 virus.

We hope that you find this information useful and informative.
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