Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is a Learning Curve

We checked in with Mike Augustine, long-time ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and a friendly face at many MS Society events.

As the RONA MS Bike Tour 2010 gets underway, and the 2011 MS WALK is beginning its initial planning stages, I am reminded of the parallels between these events, and the journey everyone must make while living with multiple sclerosis.

Like everything else, it is about planning for the future, while understanding that the road ahead is never predictable. It is about sometimes getting tired, sometimes getting lost, and sometimes even falling, but never losing sight of the fact that those times are only just a small part of the whole journey.

I’ve not posted an update for some time, primarily because my MS is getting worse. As I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, that means that whatever I lose, I lose for good. I now find myself at the beginning of a new phase in my life.

I had planned to climb to Mt. Everest Base Camp this October to raise much needed funds to help those like me who live with this disease. I eventually came to realize that I needed to focus on making myself better before I could do the same for others. Therefore, my trip has been postponed until next October. Am I daunted? Oh, yes. But as I said, this is just another step on the path towards becoming the person I want to be - whom I’m truly meant to be... I just need to keep my focus and let my feet take care of themselves.

If I take it one step at a time, there’s no telling how far I’ll go, or what I will accomplish when I reach my destination. Even by myself, I can still achieve truly amazing things, but together, you and I can accomplish miracles.

Together - we can finally end MS!

Mike Augustine

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Your Teen Burger Tomorrow

Don’t forget tomorrow, August 26th, is the second annual A&W Cruisin’ for a Cause Day. Buy a Teen Burger at participating A&W locations, and A&W will donate $1 from each sale to support multiple sclerosis research and client services through the MS Society of Canada. As a bonus, A&W will also donate 50 cents from every RSVP on the official Facebook event page, up to $20,000.

Grab a friend and enjoy a tasty Teen Burger tomorrow as you support the movement to end MS!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank you Niagara!

Congratulations to all cyclists who rode in the RONA MS Bike Tour- Niagara yesterday! Despite a rainy morning, 630 eager cyclists gathered at the start line at King Bridge’s Park, Niagara Falls, including many enthusiastic teams! As the day cleared, participants cycled from the Park, and followed either a 40 km or 75 km route along the banks of the Niagara River, before returning to the Park for a barbeque lunch.

Thank you to the dedicated participants, volunteers, sponsors and donors. The Niagara Tour raised over $420,000 for multiple sclerosis research, support and services.

Check back soon for links to photos from the event, and feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page to share your thoughts on the Bike Tour.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gearing Up for the Niagara Tour

Only 3 days left until over 650 cyclists set off to participate in the RONA MS Bike Tour 2010- Niagara!

Do you have questions about checking in at the Tour, what to bring, what to do if it rains or if you need help along the route? Check out the Event Newsletter for answers to these questions and more, so you’ll be ready to join the movement to end MS On August 22nd!

Niagara Pre- Event Newsletter

Niagara Route Map

Note: this route map is tentative. Official route maps will be distributed on event day.

Best of luck to all cyclists, volunteers and supporters!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Congratulations Acton to Waterloo Participants!

This past weekend, almost 500 cyclists geared up to ride from Acton to Waterloo in the RONA MS Bike Tour 2010. On Saturday, participants set off from a new location this year—Prospect Park, Acton— and rode to the University of Waterloo. After an evening of ceremonies and an outdoor movie, they rode back to Acton on Sunday, cycling a total of 150 km over the weekend.

The dedicated individuals and teams who cycled in the Tour on Saturday and Sunday raised over $300,000 for multiple sclerosis research and client services.

We’d like to congratulate all participants on their amazing achievement, and thank all donors, volunteers, and sponsors who joined us in the movement to end MS. The RONA MS Bike Tour 2010- Acton to Waterloo was a big success!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Acton to Waterloo 2010

The RONA MS Bike Tour 2010- Acton to Waterloo is only 2 days away! We would like to wish everyone participating on Saturday, August 14th, and Sunday, August 15th, a safe, enjoyable ride.

Make the most of your day by arriving rested and prepared. Refer to the event newsletter below for a checklist of what to bring, a detailed event schedule, parking information and frequently asked questions. You can also review the route elevation chart and route map.

• Acton to Waterloo Event Newsletter

• Acton to Waterloo Route Map
Note: This route map is tentative. Official route maps will be distributed on event day.

• Acton to Waterloo Elevation Chart

Best of luck to all participants, supporters and volunteers!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fundraising Tip: Get your Co-workers Behind You

Looking to expand your donor network beyond friends and family? Consider getting your co-workers involved in your fundraising. There are many ways to get your workplace excited about joining the movement to end MS. Read below for some great ideas.

Team “No Borders”, led by captain Kathy Cosman, is within reach of their $5,000 fundraising goal before they ride in MS Bike - Toronto on September 12th. They’ve raised almost $3,000 so far—largely from the support of their co-workers. Assistant captain Ray says he’s turned his bi-weekly office bingo games into fundraising events, with 50% of earnings going towards his fundraising total. Kathy also runs bingo games at work, and plans to hold a bake sale and organize casual-dress days. In order to successfully run these events, Kathy and Ray worked with their HR department and senior management. With their support, they were able to spread the word about being involved with MS Bike, and make it easy for their coworkers to contribute.

Have other great ideas? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A&W Cruisin' for a Cause Day

Thursday August 26th marks the second annual A&W Cruisin’ for a Cause Day, where $1 from the sale of every Teen Burger is donated to support the mission of the MS Society of Canada.

As an added bonus, A&W will also donate 50 cents for every Facebook RSVP we receive on the official A&W Cruisin’ for a Cause Day event page , up to $20,000!

RSVP today by clicking on I’m Attending, and help us move one step closer to ending MS.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boost Your Fundraising!

The RONA MS Bike Tours 2010 are underway, and here is a great opportunity to give your fundraising a boost. Check out Read to End MS, a chance to enjoy your favorite magazines while adding to your fundraising total.

Subscribe today to a Rogers publication of your choice, including Maclean’s, Flare, Chatelaine, Canadian Business, Today’s Parent and more, and 50% of the subscription price will go towards your pledge total for the RONA MS Bike Tours. You can invite family and friends to subscribe, and 50% of their subscription price will also go towards your fundraising goal.

This is a limited time offer, available until October 1st, 2010. To learn more, visit www.mssociety.ca/magazines.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New! Acton to Waterloo Tour Elevation Chart

Attention cyclists in the RONA MS Bike Tour- Acton to Waterloo! As you gear up to cycle from Prospect Park, Acton, along a brand new route to the University of Waterloo, sneak a peek at the terrain by checking out the official elevation chart, available online.

The new route, which spans a total of 150 km, will take cyclists through breathtaking scenery while allowing for fewer hills than last year’s Brampton to Waterloo Tour.

Stay tuned for the official event newsletter, and happy training!

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