Friday, December 18, 2009

Set S.M.A.R.T. Training Goals

When it comes to training, goal setting can be a pretty tricky thing, especially for a newer cyclist. A few things to remember and help you set some goals are to keep them “S.M.A.R.T.”, meaning: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and have Timelines in which you want to accomplish them.

For instance, if you’re new to the world of cycling, it may not be realistic to ride 100 km in 4 weeks time. Instead, since cycling is an ‘endurance based’ activity and it takes time to establish your endurance base, your initial goal should be to ride your bike more. However, that in itself is not a specific enough training goal. Instead your goal may look like this:

‘I am going to increase my endurance base, by riding Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for one hour every week and increase it to 4 days per week in 4 weeks time.’

So what if you wanted to ride in the RONA MS Bike Tour next summer? Although it is a specific event, it doesn’t explain how you’re going to get there, so what’s next?

You have to measure your training like the example above to build your fitness to complete a ride that is anywhere from 50-175 km long.

Is it attainable? Absolutely, as long as you follow a consistent training plan and stick to it, which also makes the goal realistic.

Finally, you have to attach timelines to your training. Consider when the event is and how much time you have to train. Your Goal may look something like this:

“I am going to ride 3-4 days per week for 1-1.5 hours to build my endurance fitness for the MS Bike Tour next summer.”

There are a number of elements to consider when setting goals, just make sure to ask yourself if they are “S.M.A.R.T.” and you’ll be on your way. One last thing is to keep them positive and flexible. Your goals must keep you focused and motivated on what you want to happen and are meant to help you build on and enjoy the activity you are doing.

Tips for Fundraising in your Community

·Hold a special event in your home: i.e., host a fiftieth birthday party in support of MS. In lieu of gifts ask for donations.

·Local Business affinity programs: Many restaurants have programs that will let you run a special night or weekend there. A portion (often 15-20%) of a meal’s value from customers brought in by you will go to your charity.

·Hold a street party: Begin with street-wide garage sale and a dinner follows. Every family donates a food item for the pot-luck dinner then they pay a fee ($15.00 per person) to participate. Also do raffles in conjunction with it.

·Get a local pub or restaurant to sponsor an event: Pick a place where you are a regular and get the owner to sponsor a night with raffles etc with proceeds going to help end MS.

·Sell keys to a cure at a local business or your work

Monday, December 7, 2009

Enjoy gourmet Vietnamese coffee and help end MS!

Now you can taste the unique flavors and aromas of world-famous, gourmet Vietnamese coffee here in Canada! Vietnamese coffees represent a tradition of careful estate farming, deep roasting (but not burnt), and sophisticated blending of heirloom coffee varietals. H & O Coffee is proud to be an authorized shopping source of Trung Nguyen coffee. Order today and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the MS Society of Canada. Makes for a great holiday gift!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ride Inside: Keep those Tires Spinning in Winter

While we all know how much fun cycling outside can be, we also know that with the reality of winter knocking at our doors, outdoor cycling is soon coming to an end for another year. There are many indoor cycling options available so that you can keep riding until spring!

Indoor Cycling Class/Spinning
Most local gyms have spinning classes which offer a fun & low-impact work-out.
Check out the schedule at your local club to see when they are taking place!
• Make sure to get there early so that you can adjust the bike to fit you.
• Many spin bikes have 2-sided pedals, so you can wear gym shoes or your cycling shoes.
• Even though spinning is a group class, you control the tension on your bike and can tailor it to your athletic ability.
• Spin classes are fun! The energy is contagious!

Indoor Cycling Trainers
Assuming you already have a bike, you may want to consider an indoor cycling trainer.
• Indoor cycling trainers are easy to use and take up little room. You just attach your back wheel and go!
• There are 2 types of trainers:
Rim Trainers offer resistance by touching the side of your rim, not tire.
Tire Trainers attach directly to your wheel and create resistance that way.
• There are many companies that make indoor bike trainers available at many bike shops, sporting good stores and online. Research ‘Cycling Trainers’ to find out what brands are out there.
• Try a cycling video to enhance your workout. Look online or at your local bike shops for videos.

Indoor Cycles & Stationary Bikes
There are many stationary bike options out there! Visit a fitness shop near you to try them out! Here are some things to consider before you go:
• Budget: similar to ‘outdoor’ bikes, you can spend very little or a lot depending on the bells and whistles you want.
• Features: make sure to decide what features you need like clipless pedals, built-in programs, onboard TV monitors etc.
• Test ride a variety of cycles at your local sporting goods store, before making your purchase.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Educate Yourself on the H1N1 Virus

In response to growing concerns surrounding the H1N1 flu virus, important information on how to protect yourself, and your family, from the virus has been posted to the MS Society website. Find out key H1N1 concerns, read through a series of questions and answers specific to people living with MS and their families, and learn techniques to protect yourself from exposure to the H1N1 virus.

We hope that you find this information useful and informative.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Take in a Raptors Game and Help Support the MS Society!

Attention Basketball fans… did you know that as a valued supporter of the MS Society of Canada you are entitled to discounted Toronto Raptors tickets? Purchase online using Ticketmaster and see savings of up to 20% per ticket. What’s better is that part of the ticket price is donated back to the MS Society!

Click here to purchase discounted tickets now! Special offer code is Multiple. This offer is available throughout the Raptors’ regular season, so take in a game and support the MS Society!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MS Society Employment Opportunities: Marketing and Promotions

The Ontario Fundraising Events Marketing Team is looking to fill two full-time positions:

1. Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Promotions, Fundraising Events
2. Supervisor, Marketing and Promotions, Fundraising Events

The Ontario Fundraising Events Department is a non-profit events sector leader, generating millions in fundraising revenue mostly through well-known participant-based fundraising programs such as the RONA MS Bike Tour, the MS Read-A-Thon and the MS Walk.

These are exciting positions. The Ontario Fundraising Events Marketing department provides a positive challenge for those able to work in a fast paced environment and quickly adapt to diverse situations. We meet the challenges of a competitive, evolving marketplace remaining true to our organizational values and culture. At the same time, our workplace is recognized as enjoyable, friendly and flexible; and provides many growth opportunities for those who excel.

If you have a marketing background, passion for the marketing/promotions field, are innovative, creative and inquisitive and have a true desire to make a tangible impact in peoples lives, this might be the career opportunity you have been looking for.

Click on the links above to view full position descriptions as well as application details and deadlines.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank You!!!!!!

Thank you and congratulations to all participants, volunteers and sponsors who came out to the Toronto Bike Tour!

The sun was shining and the corn was roasting as 400 participants cycled to raise over $250,000!

Teamwork was key at the Toronto Tour as more than 45 teams cycled to endMS. TeamMS Village was a huge success this year as 10 teams earned a tent at the Tent Village.

Please share stories and pictures about the tour on facebook. Pictures taken by our photographers at the Toronto Tour have now been uploaded and can be viewed on Flickr.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MS Society marks one year anniversary of endMS campaign

With over $41 million raised, five regional research and training centres launched and a growing number of educational events aimed at MS researchers and trainees, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada proudly marks one year since the launch of its endMS capital campaign.In this video, Yves Savoie, president and chief executive officer of the MS Society of Canada highlights the achievements since the inception of the campaign.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

MS Society Internship Opportunities

The Ontario Division Fundraising Events Marketing Team is looking to fill two internship positions which start this September. The two internship opportunities are as follows:

1. Events Marketing Execution and Communications Internship
2. Digital Marketing and Design Internship

Both internships offer great learning opportunities and a chance to work with marketers in a dynamic, fast paced environment while gaining valuable hands on experience. Click on the links above to view full position descriptions as well as application details and deadlines.

It’s not too late to register for the Toronto Tour!

Looking for a great way to end the summer? Register for the RONA MS Bike Tour – Toronto! The Toronto Tour, taking place on September 13th, will start at Centennial Park, Etobicoke and offers a choice of two route lengths: 30km or 55km. An ideal Tour for the entire family: cycle scenic trails and city streets before crossing the finish line to enjoy a BBQ lunch.

Here’s a top tip to help you get in gear for the Toronto Tour:

• Tailor your bike: visit a specialty bike shop to tailor your bike to you. Have saddle, stem and handlebar positions adjusted so that the bike is effectively adjusted to your body.

Hope to see you at the Toronto Tour! Click here to register today for the RONA MS Bike Tour!.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you for another great tour!

Congratulations on another successful tour!

Thank you to all participants, volunteers and sponsors who attended the Niagara Falls RONA MS Bike Tour!

It was a day full of sun and rain, hot dogs and hamburgers and music as 640 participants cycled to raise $420,000!!!!

Teamwork was everywhere at this year’s Niagara Bike Tour, as more than 35 teams rode in groups of four or more. A special thanks to team captain’s for leading their teams and ensuring that team spirit was out in full force!
If you weren’t a part of TeamMS this year, why not think about forming a team in 2010? It’s the best team you’ll ever be on!

Share pictures and stories about the tour on Facebook

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You!!

A huge 'Thank You' goes out to the participants, volunteers and sponsors who participated in the Brampton to Waterloo RONA MS Bike Tour!

It was a hot summer weekend as over 500 cyclists came together to be a part of ending MS.

Check out pictures from the tour on Facebook !

We thank everyone who was part of the Brampton to Waterloo RONA MS Bike Tour for making it a weekend to endMS!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Help end MS this Weekend!

With his rubber to the road Mike Augustine – a longstanding MS Society volunteer who has lived with MS for 20 years – is always ready to roll, especially when it comes to the RONA MS Bike Tours. Although multiple sclerosis keeps Mike from riding, he is very active with the Tours. This year, Mike will be participating in this weekend’s Brampton to Waterloo Tour as the Virtual Rider.

Click on the video and find out why Mike is so passionate about supporting the RONA MS Bike Tours, and also why it’s so important to support his efforts in the fight to end MS. There are two great ways you can help end MS this weekend: either sponsor Mike Augustine, or have a look to see if there’s anyone you know who is riding this weekend that you can sponsor.

When the MS Bike Tour began in 1989, people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis had no treatment options. Today there are five disease modifying drug therapies proven to alter the course of the disease and bring greater hope for a cure. This would not have been possible without generous supporters like you.
Although we’ve made great strides, there is no cure. That is why the over 55,000 Canadians living with this debilitating disease need your support. Share the Virtual Rider video with your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers and encourage them to sponsor a rider.

Whether you’re a sponsor, participant or volunteer, we’d like to thank you very much for gearing up for the challenge. Here’s wishing everyone participating in the Brampton to Waterloo Tour good luck and good weather.

PS: Add the video and this link, to your blog, website or Facebook wall and help Mike exceed his fundraising goal in the fight to end MS!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to work!

I wish to thank everybody for all of your kind wishes and encouragement regarding my recent struggle with my own multiple sclerosis symptoms. Your words helped me to get over this hump, and get back to the business at hand of keeping you all up to date on the happenings regarding my (and others’) fight to end MS.

First off, a quick recap of my favourite event of the year: the Grand Bend to London RONA MS Bike Tour. 2009 was the best year ever for this tour. With close to 1,600 cyclists participating and $980,000 raised, we’ve managed to “raise” the bar for what dedicated people can do when they set their minds to it. People of every age, gender and demographic succeeded in meeting their goals to raise hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to help the MS Society of Canada in its mission to find a cause and cure for multiple sclerosis.

For those who read these numbers and think “there is no way I could ever raise that kind of money,” I can tell you without any hesitation that these champions, whom you look at with such awe, are just everyday people exactly like yourselves. The only difference between you and them... is a matter of time!

Congratulations to you all. Next Bike Tour stop for me: Brampton to Waterloo!

Irreverently Yours,

Aug, who’s feeling fine and wheeling strong!

Originally posted on the endMS blog by Michael Augustine.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mandarin Restaurants provincial partnership with the MS Society of Canada going strong

Mandarin Restaurants, located throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, continues to be a proud supporter of the MS Society of Canada. Their valued support extends to the Society’s special events, with Mandarin being a key sponsor of the RONA MS Bike Tour 2009.

Such contributions make events like this summer’s Tour possible and play an important role in the movement to end MS.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society would like to thank Mandarin Restaurants for their continued and generous support.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank you!!

A big 'Thank You' and 'Congratulations' goes out to the participants, volunteers and sponsors of the RONA MS Bike Tour - Grand Bend to London! A record-breaking $920,000 was raised this weekend by 1550 participants!

Wind, rain, and a last minute route change did nothing to dampen the spirits of the most amazing group of people, who came together to be a part of ending MS this past weekend.

We continue to hear great stories and see wonderful pictures from participants who came from across Ontario and even from our neighbouring USA. Please feel free to share them here or on Facebook! We love to hear from you!

We thank everyone who was a part of making this tour a weekend not to be forgotten.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reynold Cycle: Wishing you all a fun and safe ride.

The Rona MS bike Tour is only 4 days away! On behalf of everyone at Reynold Cycle we would like to wish each and every one of you a safe, enjoyable, fair weathered ride. Look for us out at Check Point 1 on Sunday, we'll be checking bikes and pumping up tires all day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ring my Bell

Last month I had the opportunity to assist in giving a presentation to the employees at Bell Canada’s headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.

Along with key staff from the MS Society of Canada’s office in Toronto, we made our way to an awe-inspiring office complex, where we met with some equally awe-inspiring individuals, all of whom were eager to come and talk with us, and to hear how they can help us in our mission to be a leader in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis and to enable people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life.

Bell Canada provides a leading example of how corporations and businesses continue to provide their support and in turbulent economic times. Now more than ever, those who have the ability must step up and lend their resources to those who don’t. It’s time to end MS!

Through their involvement with MS Society fundraising events, Bell Canada has raised over $8,500 for the MS Walk, and over $38,000 for the RONA MS Bike Tours over the past few years. I intend to do whatever I can to help steward our relationship into the future, and to help Bell achieve even greater successes in our mutual goal of being able to finally end MS! We are extremely grateful for your dedication and generosity.

Moreover, I encourage other corporations to demonstrate this same type of leadership and offer the support. Together, we can make a difference.

Irreverently yours,

Aug, who’s “calling” on you to help make a difference, too...

Originally posted on the endMS blog.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Registration Fee's are going up!

Hello everyone!

Where did June go? It is almost July 1 (Happy Canada Day!!) which means that registration fee's will be increasing! Make sure to get those friends of yours who have been waiting to sign up to register! You can register 24hours a day at!

The first RONA MS Bike Tour is just four weeks away! Make sure you are out enjoying your bike - go for a few rides a week to prepare your legs for the tour!

Happy Canada Day everyone!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Reynold Cycle's RONA MS Bike Tour Tips #3

The 2009 RONA MS Bike Tour is fast approaching and we at Reynold Cycle would like to share some helpful tips to ensure we all have a fun and enjoyable ride.

The RONA MS Bike Tour is less than a month away and we would like to remind everyone to get their bike tuned up before the big day. It is every important that everyone ensure their bikes are running smoothly before setting out. Please take the time to visit your local bike shop and drop off your bike for inspection and adjustment. Please remember that as the Tours gets closer many shops will get busy so it pays off to tune up your bike early. Taking the time to make sure your bike is properly serviced before riding will go a long way to increase the enjoyment of the ride.

Profile of an MS Champion - part 2

Tell me about your experience with multiple sclerosis.

I was diagnosed with MS in July 2002. As the loss of feeling started in my left foot and worked its way up to numb and bind the left side of my body, I realized something was horribly wrong. I have relapsing-remitting MS and have been fairly fortunate over the years. This unpredictable disease has decided to leave my left side alone and hang out with my right foot and leg.

I have adapted my life style to accommodate this disease but it has not ruled over me and my family. Actually, thanks to MS I have taken on a healthier lifestyle even though I am still learning how to pay closer attention to fatigue. It is a sneaky little side effect that can be quite debilitating. I consider myself very lucky, I have family, friends and an employer who have learned and understand the unpredictable nature of this disease. They do not identify me through MS but they do understand and will accommodate when needed. To them I am wife, mom, daughter and friend. Not Kate with MS.

I am excited to think of the future day when no one else will be diagnosed with MS. And I truly believe that I will see that day in my lifetime.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming tour?

First off, I can’t wait for Lori Anne (Lori Anne McNulty, Senior Manager, Fundraising Events) to lose the cow-boy hat because we will be the biggest ride in Canada!!!! Think of it…more cyclists…more donors…more research dollars. It all adds up to end MS!

The tour is absolutely the best weekend of the summer. All these people come together and participate in the greatest team I have ever been a part of. The team consists of crazy riders and crazy volunteers where every rest stop is filled with fun, laughter and food! Mmmmm….really good food!

What does being an MS Champion mean to you?

Being an MS Champion means that I can adapt to what has been forced on me! As others have said and I will copy them …I have MS but it does not have me!

MS is a cruel and unpredictable disease that alters so many lives in so many different ways. I am overwhelmed and humbled at the number of people that ride and raise money to end MS.

As an MS Champion, I also get to say “thank you”. I am able to use Disease Modifying Therapies and have access to a wonderful MS Clinic. And it all comes from research dollars raised by previous and current riders.

I hope that I can put a face to the disease and help others who are living everyday with MS.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Profile of an MS Champion - part 1

2009 in Ontario marks the launch of the MS Champions program. This is an opportunity for participants who live with MS to voluntarily identify themselves to show the different faces of MS: this is Kate’s story.

How long have you participated for?

I have volunteered for two years and this will be my third year cycling, making this my five year anniversary with the Grand Bend to London Tour.

Why did you first get involved?

My husband and friends decided to do more for MS and started training for the Grand Bend to London ride. I was at a stage where I thought I couldn’t ride, so I volunteered. I was one of those people who got up at 6 am to help out at the registration tables. I then worked my way to UWO and helped at one of the tables handing out ribbons and stars. It was overwhelming to hear the stories of the cyclists. I met some cyclists who have MS and I started to think…’if they can do it, why can’t I?’

I started eating better, took off those pounds that had easily accumulated over the years and then started training for the ride. The RONA MS Bike Tour turned me around. So now I have become a MS cyclist and I will ride as long as I can. I am expecting that old age will turn me into a volunteer again and not this disease.

What does it mean to you to know that so many people participate in events like the RONA MS Bike Tour to raise funds to help end MS?

It is so clear to me that this horrible disease touches so many people. Friends, family and loved ones ride in the RONA MS Bike Tour to say enough is enough…this disease has to end. It is overwhelming to see the number of people who participate in the ride. This tells us all that the number of people affected by MS is equally overwhelming.

The research dollars are so important to help End MS and every rider and volunteer shares this common goal. The RONA MS Bike Tour means that we will all be part of changing the future of MS.

Be sure to check back for part 2 of Kate's story to learn about her experience with MS and what she's most excited about the upcoming tour.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grindin' the Gears - Recruiting

I'm the captain of team "Grindin' the Gears" from the Grand Bend to London tour. Our team is going into its fifth year, though some of the members of our team rode sans-team for years before we linked up. Four of us have ridden with the team every year, and we each try to bring someone new each year, so I think our team this year will have around twelve riders (plus three who won't be able to make it this year).

I think we retain and grow our ridership because of our attitudes throughout the tour. This recruiting method isn't instant, but it has worked pretty consistently for us over the last five years. We are an adult team from all over the province, not really connected except for the tour weekend, but when we are on the road we look and sound like we are a lot younger and more familiar. We have a LOT of fun on the road. If you are in our tour, you'll remember us as the ones who dress up in costume every year... usually in Hawaiian gear, but we're changing it up this year! You'll have to wait until the ride to see though!

We also bring dorky decorations for our bikes and helmets, and we spend time before the ride reacquainting ourselves and helping our rookies feel comfortable. Most of us have bells and honkers on our bikes, and we like to use them whenever we can. We are VERY positive on the road, taking every opportunity to encourage and joke with each other. We stick together or ride in packs on the first day, making sure that everyone feels like part of the team. I love the riders in our tour, and I definitely challenge other teams to focus on creating a "community on the road" like we have, because I truly believe that this has helped us grow our team steadily and increase our goals - last year was 10 riders raising 10,000 - we did it!

To prepare for this sense of community on the team, I send out emails to the team as frequently as I can, using my MS Tour account. I send ideas on fundraisers, invitations to join fundraisers our team members are running, training motivation, and just general pep talks for the team. We often get jokes and ideas circulating among the team members as we get closer to the ride, which helps our ride-day relationship.

When I get a chance to post again, I'll focus on some fundraisers that we've had success with.

Go Grinders! See you all in Grand Bend!! :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Up and coming with the RONA MS Bike Tour!

Did you know that the first RONA MS Bike Tour (Grand Bend - London) is only seven weeks away?

There are some things happening in the next couple of weeks we wanted to let you know about!

Wednesday is our Sarnia pub night at Stokes Bay Bar & Grill at 6:00pm. If you live in the Sarnia area, be sure to check us out!

This Saturday in London, is the first annual MS Rummage Sale and BBQ! Several teams from the tour will be selling their treasures and proceeds will go towards their fundraising efforts! There will also be a BBQ hosted by the London Life - The Grateful Tread team. The rummage sale is taking place at 1100 Dearness Drive.

This year we have introduced training rides to the schedule! This Saturday, June 13 is the first for the year, leaving from James Gardens in Etobicoke or Sunnybrook Park in Toronto (meeting points). It will be a 30km ride with a break at 15km. Please RSVP to or 416-922-6600 ext. 2318.

Saturday, June 20 is the London area training ride. Leaving from 1100 Dearness Drive (MS Office) at 10:00am, the ride is a 40 km route with 1 rest stop at the half way mark! Be sure to bring your helmet & water bottle! RSVP to or 1-888-510-7777 ex. 23.

Happy Cycling!

PS: Be sure to check out
this link for a great video! Use OneTrueMedia to create your own video to tell your story. Be sure to share your creation with us!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reynold Cycle's RONA MS Bike Tour Tips #2

The 2009 RONA MS Bike Tour is fast approaching and we at Reynold Cycle would like to share some helpful tips to ensure we all have a fun and enjoyable ride.
This week we’ll be talking about hydration and the importance of keeping hydrated while riding. When riding in any temperature personal hydration should not be neglected by anyone, especially those setting out on longer rides - certainly if you will be riding for more than a couple of hours, even at a moderate pace, hydration is important. If your personal hydration is neglected the most common result is basic dehydration;
Low-level dehydration may have no obvious symptoms, but still makes riding less comfortable, less efficient and less pleasurable. Most importantly, proper hydration will help offset muscle fatigue and cramps. If you tend to gulp down several glasses of water or soft drinks at the end of a ride, you’ve probably reached this point.
To be on the safe side it is recommended that a rider consume at least one full liter for every hour of strenuous riding. For the upcoming MS Bike Tour be sure to carry at least one water bottle on you at all times, two is even better. Also, be sure to refill at the numerous rest stops along the way and you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable fun ride.

Friday, May 29, 2009

TeamMS: The More the Merrier!

Get even more out of the RONA MS Bike Tours by cycling as part of a team. Forming a team is fun and easy. Gather a group of three or more colleagues, friends, or family members, choose a team name, and you’re ready to roll!

As a team, cyclists share more laughs, generate more memories, and celebrate more rewards. Teams enjoy extra perks, including exclusive access to the on-site “Tent Village” and special prizes for members and team captains. And the support of your team members will provide camaraderie and inspiration to cycle that extra mile!

Learn more about the TeamMS program.

** Calling all cyclists: Register by June 30th to take advantage of early bird discounts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World MS Day Today!

Today is the first annual World MS Day, created to unite individuals, groups, and organizations in the global MS movement. More than 160 events are taking place today in 51 countries around the world!

Irish rock group U2 has contributed their song Beautiful Day to a global campaign video highlighting different aspects of MS. Check it out at

Join the global movement. End MS!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Join the Bike Tours team for the 2009 Pub Nights

Be sure to join the RONA MS Bike Tours team for the 2009 Pub Nights! They all start at 6pm!

May 27 - London - Moxies - 977 Wellington Rd S

June 3 - Windsor - Moxies - Devonshire Mall

June 10 - Sarnia - Stokes Bay Bar & Grill - 485 Harbour Rd

June 19 - Waterloo - Fox & Fiddle - 77 King St N

June 24 - London - Witts End Pub & Grill - 235 North Centre Rd

July 15 - Toronto - Hard Rock Cafe - Rogers Centre

August 5 - Toronto - Hard Rock Cafe - 279 Yonge Street

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RONA MS Bike Tours on Facebook!

Join the conversation!

Visit the RONA MS Bike Tours Facebook page for updates, photos, and cyclist feedback.

And for more about the Tours, check out the Facebook discussion group.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fundraising tips...

At the MS Society office, we are often asked for fundraising tips by participants...people looking for new ways to raise funds to help end MS. We recently received an email from one (well...actually two - it's a husband and wife team) of our top fundraisers from the Grand Bend to London Tour. They are very active fundraisers, often dedicating many of their weekends to their fundraising efforts. Using this method at their local Beer Store, they have collected an average of $200/hr!!! Not bad for I'd say! I plan to give this a try to go towards my fundraising for the Niagara Tour!

Beer Store fundraising:
1) Contact me ( for application and print it out and fill it in.
2) Pick a date that works for you. Month of May is out as they do their own event for another organization, as is November (Legion does poppies)
3) Pick a busy store that you may be close to and go in and speak to the manager explaining what you want to do and when and give him your application. You are allowed to do two consecutive days- a Saturday and Sunday are best!
4) Check back with him in about a week or so as he must submit it to his area manager to get their O.K.. (Best to give them about a months notice)
5) Once approved- take a couple of tables to set up. One for literature on MS, the Bike Tours etc. and one to collect empties. Have a sign showing that you accept empties as donations- about a third of your fundraising will be from donated empties.
6) Be prepared to spend about eight hours or more on the Saturday and five hours on the Sunday (open 9-9 on Saturday and noon to five on Sunday) - best to have a little relief help so that you can have a break and go to bathroom etc
7) Write a thank you letter the week after and hand deliver to the store manager with details of how you did

If anyone has any other fundraising tips, please feel free to post! I know we have many participants who are always looking for new ideas!
Remember....submit $1000 and receive the Club jersey as seen in this month's issue of Bicycling magazine (in a Louis Garneau ad - what great coverage!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Five Multiple Sclerosis Research Centres Established

The MS Society announced today the establishment of five research and training centres that are expected to significantly accelerate the pace of MS research. The centres, which are located in 54 academic institutions and teaching hospitals throughout Canada, involve more than 100 established scientists and 250 trainees.

Known as endMS Regional Research and Training Centres (RRTC), the centres come less than one year after the MS Society launched the endMS campaign, a major fundraising initiative to alter the research landscape in Canada. For the next three years, each centre will receive $100,000 per year to fund collaborative training and research activities.

For more information, visit

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reynold Cycle's RONA MS Bike Tour Tips

The 2009 RONA MS Bike Tours are fast approaching and we at Reynold Cycle would like to share some helpful tips to ensure we all have a fun and enjoyable ride.

This week we’ll be taking about clothing and the benefits of bike specific wear. First, let’s talk about bike shorts and why you would enjoy wearing them. Most shorts are made of Lycra, a breathable, lightweight material that wicks sweat away from your skin and helps cool you down while minimizing wind resistance. Between the close fit and the synthetic material, cycling shorts provide comfort while you ride and help prevent chafing and rashes. A chamois lining also protects you from chafing from the bike's seat itself. Finally, as bike shorts fit so tightly, they effectively hug or compress the thigh muscles, cutting down on muscle fatigue.

Like bike shorts a good bicycle jersey can make the world of difference on a long ride. Usually made with the Lycra material, a bike jersey will wick the sweat away from your skin and provide excellent moisture management. In addition, your jersey will hug your body cutting down on wind resistance, allowing you to move quickly and with less energy.

Feel free to check out Reynold Cycle’s latest special on bike jersey’s; Special Deal: $30 Rock & Roll and Nike Discovery Riding jersey’s, Regular $89.99 (While quantities last)

That’s all for this week, keep an eye out for next week’s post where we will be discussing proper hydration.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I haven't always liked biking, well to be honest I never thought of biking for pleasure ever. Until about 15 years ago. This hurts but I am a chubby biker , but a cyclist in my mind just the same. So there I was 15 years ago in the middle of my mid-life crisis, divorce, kids, mortgage blah blah blah. And somewhere a bell went off (maybe a handlebar bell, could have been) hey I should get a bike, a real bike my first adult bike purchase. Off I go to the local bike shop in Grand Bend and buy myself an entry level puguet.

It was early spring I remember, I had made a trip to All Season Sports bought a pair of bike shorts , a helmet and some biking gloves I was now set for my first great biking adventure. Up early on Saturday morning for my first ever bike ride for fitness. There were so many things that I did not realized had to take place before my grand adventure was to take place. One spending 10 minutes trying to maneuver myself into spandex that was a first I would like to forget, two adjusting the seat height of my new bike, three making sure the tires had enough air in them. Well that list of first could go on for sometime but I will save you and I the embarrassment of several of those firsts.

Not even on my bike yet and I am already to the point of exhaustion and frustration. I had planned on biking around town that day just a leisure ride getting used to being back on a bike, maybe a nice1/2 hour ride. Well my lane way is about 700 yards and that was my first ride, yep you read that right I made it to the end of my own lane way,and back, and that was it. In fact it took longer to get into my bike shorts then the entire ride took. Distance ride one 1400 yards. What have I done, I am not a biker that was evident with the gasp and wheeze of every breathe I took, the shaky legs well if I am to be honest I had a body that was in complete spasms wondering what the heck I had just done to it, it was rebelling, it was trying to make sure I never did this to us again. Well that was the start of it, little by little I crept further and further from the house and until I could measure my distance my miles not yards. That was the start of what eventually became a love of cycling, the freedom, the quiet, the alone in the sun and eventually to the MS bike tour. I would not trade in the bruises the stitches the fabulous friends I have met over the last 15 years all thanks to cycling and getting past the end of my lane way. Needless to say I have lots of first to share with you, so keep checking in.

Monday, May 4, 2009

May is MS Awareness Month!

For those of you who have participated in an Ontario RONA MS Bike Tour before, you will recognize Mike Augustine, featured in the following article.

Go to to learn more about MS Awareness month and how you can continue to help end MS.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome to!

Welcome to, the official blog of the RONA MS Bike Tours. Come back soon for stories, tips and discussions about the Tours in Ontario.

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