Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wendy - Focused on Fundraising

This will be Wendy’s fifth year riding in the MS Bike with her team, I ride cause I can. She says her team’s name has a double meaning, “the first is because I CAN ride, as there are days that riding is easier than walking, and the second is that we CAN make a difference in ending MS.” For Wendy, cycling equals freedom. “Being diagnosed with MS has changed my life in so many ways and I’m worried that one day I won’t be able to get on my bike, let alone get out of bed,” she says “I push myself now more than ever and I don’t take my mobility for granted.”  

“Before my diagnosis I never set goals, I only had dreams,” she continues. “Now, I still have dreams but I turn them into goals as I am more aware of how quickly life passes us by.” Her main goal is fundraising as much as possible for her MS Bike campaign. “My fundraising consists of an assortment of activities that I organize with my teammates, which includes a bottle drive, draws for gift certificates from local businesses, a silent auction and a bar night where local bands come and play. Fundraising possibilities are truly endless!”

Having such a supportive group of friends who will help her reach her fundraising goal is “one of the best things a person with MS can have,” Wendy says. “I am blessed to have such a strong support system, cheering and celebrating with me every peddle of the way.”

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Put the FUN in Fundraising!

The best way to earn some extra pledges for MS Bike is to make it fun for everyone! Here is a FUNdrasing tip you can try out:

Host a THEME DINNER for 10 or more people. Have your guests donate $50 each and spend no more than $20 per person for food and supplies. By the end of the night you’ll have made $300 or more!
Theme Dinner ideas:
  • Pick a style or culture of food to serve and have your decorations correspond (ex. Greek, Indian, Mexican)
  • Correspond with holidays – the first day of summer and Canada Day are approaching!
  • Got a favourite book, or movie? Why not theme a dinner after it?! If the characters in the book/movie eat a certain meal, recreate it! Take the location it features and have the menu correspond. For example, if Moulin Rouge was your favourite movie, create a French menu, serve champagne, and ask people to wear blue, white and red.
  • Pick an Era – have your guests embrace the 1960’s and use tie-dye, flowers and music to set the mood. Your guests might want to wear their old bell bottom jeans!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

UPDATE - Ben Dalton in Winnipeg

Ben Dalton, the dedicated cyclist who began his ride across Canada in Victoria, BC to raise awareness for MS, arrived in Winnipeg ! Despite wicked winds, Dalton made it to Winnipeg on Friday June 6th where he did an interview with CBC to share his journey with others.

Dalton’s inspiration to ride comes from the death of his brother-in-law who had MS and passed away 2 years ago.

Unfortunately he was unable to attend the funeral, and in the back of his mind always planned to do something to commemorate him. Months leading up to the ride, Dalton connected with people who had MS and experienced a real empathy and passion to help them.

His cross Canada ride originally focused on awareness, but as Dalton continues his journey he is encouraging people to donate online in honour of his ride. He receives a jolt of encouragement when he hears that he is having an effect.

Please honour Ben Dalton’s ride across Canada and give him an extra boost of inspiration by donating today. Be sure to mention his name in the donation form as we will be providing Dalton with updates on the funds raised.

We wish Dalton a safe ride. Thank you for your support and spirit.
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