Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We want to know where your Jersey’s been!

Bring your MS Bike jersey on an adventure! Join MS Bike participants, Beth Button and Jeff Munroe and show us where your MS Bike jersey has been.

Submit your photo for a chance to WIN 2 FREE registrations for 2015!  

Submissions are due Friday, May 30 and a winner will be selected June 2.

Please email all photo submissions to carrie.gibson@mssociety.ca

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ben Dalton’s across Canada cycle

Ben in Victoria

It’s wonderful to envision a journey across Canada, exploring its vast beauty from sea to sea – but now imagine doing it on a bike!

Ben Dalton, a dedicated and caring cyclist, is travelling across Canada this summer to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. He began his ride in Victoria, British Colombia and does not have a set route or timeline and will take the ride at his own pace. This will be his 4th time riding across Canada!

Ben will be sharing his journey through his twitter account @BENBIKEDALTON. Follow him to support his message and commitment.

Let Ben’s story inspire the cyclist and traveler inside you!

From the MS Bike team, we thank Ben for his support and wish him a safe journey across the country! Good luck!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Over 70 members strong and 10 years long!

Picture of Team Doug and Marion’s MS Erasers

Co-captains Marion and Sharen are no strangers to the MS Bike. Team Doug and Marion’s MS Erasers formed 10 years ago and has been growing in number ever since! The team currently has an extraordinary 78 members, and they are hoping to reach 100+ in time for the tour. When asked how they grew their team so large, the enthusiastic Team Captains say it is a matter of friends asking friends and the momentum carries on from there, “We invite someone once and they usually get hooked! It’s kind of addictive team members invite a friend and that friend invites a friend and so on. There are so many smaller groups/families within our team, but once we are at the ride, we all join together and have a blast.”

Marion and Sharen also believe that a contributing factor to their ever-growing team is in large part due to the emphasis they place on having a good time and enjoying the whole experience of the event, “We have lots of fun and great laughs. We aren’t competitive or have eligibility criteria other than raising the fundraising minimum, but as a team we end up raising more! We are also very welcoming of new participants, and have a few team members with MS who add an extra level of motivation for us."

The team has another great recruitment tool as Marion and her husband own Doug and Marion’s Bike Sales and Repairs, a cycling shop based out of Strathroy. “We have members from the Strathroy, London, Waterloo Region, Guelph, Fergus, Woodstock, Barrie and Hamilton area. Doug and Marion’s is great for recruiting new members as they are always promoting the ride in their store. They are so dedicated to giving to the community in everything they do they promote the MS Bike to every customer that comes in,” says Sharen.

For more tips and information on participating as a team, check out the Team Tools page on msbike.ca

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mandarin MS Walk this weekend!

Good Luck to everyone participating in the Mandarin MS Walk this weekend!

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